Animation Pix

Original Chicken McNuggets given to Hal Rayle at recording session

“I’d do a great break dance for ya’ – but … I’m CHICKEN! Hahahahahaha!”

“I got to play Animal .. you believe that?”

“Hark, is that a Frogon?”

“And I’m Miss Piggy .. Kissie, Kissie!”

Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man & Lion remain .. Fearless

“How ’bout .. you four go ‘head and let me know who’s in thare!”

Galaxy High Woosher Tubes

“Who waxxxed this thing?”

“I want to fly .. like an Eagle!”

“Is this really Oz?”

“So we’re off then?”

The Tin Man Protects Doroty, Toto & the Scarecrow

“I’ve soiled my oil!”

“A Good Witch .. imagine that!”

“Just buy this and envision your own magical wars!”

“Spirits of Isis and Oserus .. hear us ..”

“Oohh, I hope it’s the wizard!”

“Oh shucks, I shoulda gotta Timex!”

Toucan Sam

“Follow your nose ..”

“What’s a horribly disfigured guy gotta do to get some action around here?”

“With this mop I now command this Ooze”

Snarl on the repair deck

“They threw my legs over there, and my arms over there and ..”

“When you see this in your rear view mirror .. pull over!”

“You recorded with Leonard Nemoy?”

“You’ve seen the man, you’ve seen the woman, now – check out the family!”

Superman Logo

“Imagine this on your belt buckle!”

The Addams Family - Animated Series Logo

“Define .. Oooky.”

The Bionic-6 Tag Line

“Or would you believe .. “

The Bionic-6 Full Color Promo Shot

“You dug us before but now we’re back to have you dig us some more!”

The Spiral Zone Logo

Animal - Muppet Monsters Artists Rendering

“Me not Super! Me DRAWN that Way!”
“Are you in the zone?”

Dinobots in battle

“Behold, an original light sabre circa: 1938 Pre-War Belgian Impressionism!”


The Transformers: Dinobot: Snarl: Toy Packaging

“It’s a snap, just pull, twist and bend.”


Dinobots survey the scene

“Alright now, it’s one big step for Dinobots .. One giant leap for .. he lept.”

Snarl takes a nose dive

“I am Snarl!!! My Ass Kicked!!!”

The Transformers: Dinobot: Snarl (Snarl voice created and performed by: Hal Rayle)

“These boots are made for walking .. Kicking Booty Too! .. The Boots are ..”

G.I. Joe - Admiral Ledger Sketch

“Cobra will not BREAK the Pacific NorthWest Fleet!!”


“Me Ann-ii-MALL … HaH-huh-HaH!

Sport 1 "Eric"


"Shrapnel urges WAR within!"

“I should absorb YOUR energy .. N.R.G!

Daws Butler

The one .. the only .. Daws Butler! (My Mentor)

The Gathering Gloom

Defenders of the Earth

"Hooray! They're shootin' me into Space!!"

“Wow! Sky scrapers and everything!”

Doyle Cleverlobe "Student I.D."

“Look Where?”

Doyle Cleverlobe

Original Still given to Hal Rayle by: T.M.S. Animation

Doyle, Amy & the Creep

“Oh yeah, see YOU later, Mr. Aligator!”

Deep 6 in Diving Suit (Model)

“So…when I gotta go…what happens?”

Deep 6 - Toy Packaging

“Man do I have to crane my neck…I gotta get a shore leave!”

Deep 6 in Diving Suit

“Call it that giant moon up yonder but I wanna sing Tiny Bubbles!”

“Where’s Globbo?”

Galaxy High Add from the Hollywood Reporter

“Don’t worry .. there’s always CHEESE in a mouse trap!”

Galaxy High - "Far Out!"

“The Mall … Far Out!!”

Galaxy High Website Logo

“1 Season and all this!?”

Galaxy High School

“Why don’t they put a fence around it .. you could fall!?”

Galaxy High School DVD Cover Disk 1

“Everybody say: Freellddchloop!!”

Ghoulies II Movie Poster

“You don’t know from a pain in your ass!”

Howler in "The Pound Puppies Movie"

“Muskrats ‘n’ Ferrets ‘n’ Mice .. oh, MY!”

Shrapnel's energy, N.r.G. in Safe Keeping

“All this energy, N.R.G! In my safe keeping! Eeeeyaahahahahaaaaaa!”

Nick Chopper

“Hark, What light through yon window breaks?”

JIm Henson's Muppet Monsters Logo

“Kissie, Kissie!”

Visionaries - "Knights of the Magical Light"

“And then you tell somebody, and then you, and you, and then it goes viral!”

The Laughing Skull and walking staff of Master Blaster in Kidd Video

“Would you believe I used to be a glutton?”

Luigi's Pizza Parlor

“That, Luigi! Did you know he used to be on Andy Griffith? Whatta Great Guy!”

Warner Brothers: Marvin the Martian

“Your blocking my view of Venus!”

The Spiral Zone - Max in Battle Tank

“So, Starbucks is down two, turn left over three then a right up the alley?”

Spiral Zone - Max under water (note: menacing spiral zone in upper right)

“Get this muzzle of’fa me or so help me I’ll … “

The Incomparable .. Miss Piggy!

“Is that my cue … ??”

“So I decided to go with Jack Benny … timeless, don’t you think?”

Orsen Wells - the Devouring Menace of "the Transformers Movie"

I came in with the War of the Worlds and I’m going out devouring them!”

The Pink Panther - Still from the 1990's Animated Series

“Hot Meat on a Stick deep fried … well I never …”

The Transformers: Pipes: Repairbot

“Wanna see my new POTATO CANNONS?”

Pipes - Repair bot

“I see .. so, I stand here and look like a Gas Pump .. right?”

The Pound Puppies Move Poster - "The Legend of Big Paw"

“Is it good? Just watch it!”

“I’m in town with a few days to kill.”

Predator2 - Banner

“Want some candy?”

Artist Rendering for Predator Comic Books

“You look like you’ve got a head for business ..”

Raphael of the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles

“Can you believe Rob Paulsen let me do this? Neither can I.”

“Hold it Rob, I know the part is yours.”

“I challenge you … No! I challenge YOU!”

Shrapnel absorbs electrons

“ELEC-TRONS .. LecTronz!”

“I can’t get this Heavy Metal out of my head!”

Shrapnel Toy Poses

“We’re aiming for the .. don’t break the toy market … right?”

The Transformers - Shrapnel Toy Packaging

“Just buy this toy and start your own adventure!”

The Spectral Knights


Arzon Relaxed

Gathering of the Knights

Einie Goes Rogue

Universal Studio’s: Back to the Future (the animated series)

Logo For: Back to the Future (the Animated Series)

“I think I see my house!”

These photos & Jpeg’s span over 30 years in the world of Professional Voice Over’s.